In 2003 due to increased public demand a “Snake House” was built at Riverbend and now houses some of South Africa’s most beautiful and deadly snakes including mambas, cobras and adders.

This facility is used purely for public displays and public education and not for commercial purposes.

Nineteen different species are housed in modern enclosures allowing the public a bird’s eye view of the snakes. Although snakes as reptiles are closely related to crocodiles the farm relies on the services of experienced snake handlers who assist with the husbandry and handling of snakes.

A weekly snake demonstration takes place every Sunday at 14:30 and more frequently at advertised times during the busier holiday seasons. The purpose of these demonstrations are to educate the public as regards snakes and to help dispel certain myths relating to snakes and their effect on humans. The value of snakes as integrals links in many eco systems and the handling and treatment of snake bites are key features of these demonstrations.